I was misquoted, Somalia President says on report 200 KDF troops killed in El Adde

The Somalia President has denied reports that he said between 180 and 200 KDF troops were killed by al Shabaab in El Adde on January 15.

Through spokesman Daud Awes, Hassan Mohamud said he was “misquoted” and that he did not not mean the figures were of soldiers massacred in the ambush.

Mohamoud said he was only describing the size of a camp and the number of soldiers believed to have been present during the attack.

He told Somali Cable TV during an interview last Thursday that: “When 180 or close to 200 soldiers who were sent to us are killed in one day in Somalia, it is not easy.”

“The soldiers had been sent to help us get peace in our country and their families are convinced that they died while on duty.”

Sources at Villa Somalia (State House) said the retraction followed a protest letter to Mogadishu in which Kenya termed the claims “grossly out of order”.

KDF spokesman David Obonyo told the Star on phone on Thursday that the matter of the number of casualties in the ambush should not be trivialised

He said he has not talked to any media house about the number of troops killed.

“We should stop trivializing the dead . They are not mere statistics. They ought to be treated with honour and respect,” he said.

“The number the Somalia president quoted is way beyond a company size.”

A company is a military unit led by a Major or Captain, comprising three platoons each commanded by a Lieutenant with a total number of between 80 and 250.

Mohamoud mentioned the figures during an interview concerning his recent visit to Kenya soon after an attack on Lido beach attack in Mogadishu.

He joined President Uhuru Kenyatta and Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari in honouring slain Kenya Defence Forces in Eldoret.


Veteran Somali journalist dies, aged 80

BY: Ali Haji :

Somali legend and  most celebrated veteran journalists has died suddenly at a hospital in the Somali capital Tuesday, family announced.

Abdi Haji Gobdon, a pioneering long-time journalist as well as a former government spokesman has died after a brief illness at Daru Shifa hospital, his brother Abukar Gobdon announced.

His work largely focused on patriotism and promoting peace in a desperate attempt to educate the seaside capital’s population, majority of them a young generation about peace.

Tributes have been paid to the prominent journalist whose family said had no history of illness apart from a long-running breath complications prior to his death.

Mr. Gobdon worked in both the print and broadcast media.  He was well-known for his radio programs in 1980s which he had started on early 1960s soon after the horn of Africa nation gained its independence.

His former colleagues note that Mr. Gobdon had a passion for broadcasting, a talent which has drawn the admiration of the Somalis for the journalist.

His fans included the former Somali president Mohamed Siad Barre who later appointed him as his spokesman, according to his former colleagues described him as a ‘towering’ and ‘talented’ journalist.

Many of his colleagues recalled his stature in the field of journalism.

His death has been met with touching tributes on the social media as thousands of Somalis paid their respects to the late journalist, saying that his death was an enormous loss in particular for the media
fraternity and the nation in general.



Somali Ethiopian murdered in Hargeysa

Hargeysa was the most peace city in the Somali region. It’s also known as the city of the cities but last night there was a heart breaking assassinationin.  The capital city of Somaliland.

The victim was from jigjiga who moved to Hargeysa a year ago for job opportunities.The PC of Marodi jeex (province)Mohamed mohamud Ali A.K.A Jeeniyare  has confirmed the death of this man to the  BBC (somali branch).

The murder took place  at around 8:30pm last night and the victim was murdered using a gun as stated by the PC  Jeeniyare. He also added that together with security agencies they caught a couple of suspect  whom they gonna investigate seriously.

A month ago same murder happened in Hargeysa and the assassinate  was from the same this one. Until now it’s not clear as  to why this man was killed.The PC also added this event is new to Hargeysa and he assured that it’s not gonna happen again.




Al-Shabab attacks African Union base in Somalia

BY:  Al Hajjy

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Heavily armed militants from the Islamic extremist group al-Shabab attacked a base for African Union peacekeepers in southwestern Somalia on Friday, blasting their way into the compound and exchanging fire with peacekeepers, a Somali military official said.

Dozens of al-Shabab fighters started a complex attack on the military base which is run by Kenyan troops who are part of the African Union force in the town of El-Ade, not far from the Kenyan border, Ahmed Hassan told The Associated Press by phone from Elwak, a town near the scene of the latest attack.

The attack started with a suicide car bomb, and then heavy gunfire was heard as militants stormed into the base, he said.

Fighting is still going on inside the base, he said. He had no details about any casualties.

Al-Shabab reported on its online radio that its fighters had managed to penetrate the base and were fighting African Union troops.

Despite being pushed out of Somalia’s major cities and towns, al-Shabab continues to launch deadly guerrilla attacks across the Horn of Africa country.

The group, which has ties with al-Qaida, has also carried out many deadly attacks inside Kenya.